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Meet Your Mighty Organs - An Orgamites Teacher Toolbox

Canadian Blood Services and All Good Co.
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Meet Your Mighty Organs

orgamites characters in a line up

Who are the Orgamites?

The mighty Orgamites are a team of nine life-saving organs (led by Captain Marrow) found in every one of us. They’re known as the "mighty organs" because they represent the most-donated parts of the body. These lovable characters help kids to connect with and appreciate the roles of their organs, while learning what organ donation and transplantation is all about. 

The ‘Mighty Organs’ toolkit includes:

  • A ready-to-go lesson plan and presentation (complete with suggested talking points for every slide).
  • Animated videos kids will love, as well as informative introductory videos for you.
  • Printable worksheets, fun class activities and world-class resources for children to take home to their families.

Through an engaging and easy-to-follow presentation for educators to use, children will learn:

  • The need-to-know facts about their organs in general
  • What vital organs are (and why they’re so vital)
  • What organ transplantation and organ donation is all about
  • What and where the ‘mighty’ organs are (the most commonly transplanted organs)
  • Why they’re important
  • Why it’s important to talk about organ transplants and donation at home

Toolkit #1: Meet Your Mighty Organs 

Click the links below to view and download the contents of the "Meet Your Mighty Organs" toolkit. 

For Educators

  1. TK1 - Teacher Overview
  2. TK1 - Teacher Lesson Plan Presentation
  3. TK1 - Teacher Lesson Plan -  Notes
  4. TK1 - Teacher Resources 1-6 (classroom & take home)
  5. TK1 - Meet the Orgamites: Introduction Video

For Parents & Guardians


Why do we have to bring organ donation into it?

Around the world, in every country, there’s a shortage of life-saving organs, especially for children, who tend to wait two and a half times longer than adults. Why the longer wait? This is partly because thousands of organs are not donated because many families don’t talk about organ donation before it’s too late.
Without making one’s decision to donate clear, surviving family members are left unsure what their loved ones might have chosen and therefore (in the event of death) are unwilling to give consent to donate their loved one’s organs. Only by having more open conversations about organ donation, can we hope to rectify this imbalance.
Via the freely-available take-home resource that schools are encouraged to send to parents on the day of this lesson, more and more of these potentially life-saving conversations can take place where they should: within families, at home. 

Why the Orgamites? 

As the only global organ donation awareness programme of its kind, the Orgamites consists of an ever-growing range of educational tools — all aimed at breathing new life and lightness into all-important conversations.

The Orgamites Programme is presented by All Good Co. which is a UK-based Community Interest Company. Current partners include: Live Life Give Life, Team Margot, Giving to Help Others, Onassis Foundation and Canadian Blood Services. Supported by NHS Blood and Transplant, Organ Donation Scotland and the European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT). Created by Roydon Turner. ©Copyright, Creative and Production by *Awesonova. All rights reserved. Discover more at or

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