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Meet Your Mighty Organs - An Orgamites Teacher Toolbox

Canadian Blood Services and All Good Co.
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Toolkit #1: Meet Your Mighty Organs

Line up of Orgamites characters smiling

The ‘Mighty Organs’ toolkit includes:

A ready-to-go lesson plan and presentation (complete with suggested talking points for every slide).  Animated videos kids will love, as well as informative introductory videos for you. Printable worksheets, fun class activities and world-class resources for children to take home to their families.


Teacher OverviewToolkit 1 list of curriculum subjects that the Orgamites covers

Created in collaboration with teachers and healthcare professionals, we’ve put together a series of educational toolkits—all aimed at empowering you with the most informative and fun tools you need to introduce organ donation education into your classroom, with flair! 
During this lesson (or series of lessons), your students will learn all about their vital and mighty organs, while being while also being introduced to the concept of organ donation.

Download the Teacher Overview


Lesson Presentationscover page of TK 1 meet your mighty organs lesson presentation

We’ve created two versions.

  1. The Express Version is perfect for younger children (K-2) and can be covered in a single lesson.
  2. The Full Version is ideal for all other age groups, and includes more insights about each organ and how to keep them healthy. At the end of this version, you’ll also find a number of optional reflection questions, case studies and stories you can chat through with your class.

Download the Express Version 

Download the Full Version

  • To make your job even easier, we've created supporting Lesson Presentation Notes.

Download Lesson Presentation Notes


Video: Short animated film silhouette of orgamites line up

Meet the Mighty Orgamites  (Video) 

(Vimeo link:


Family Resourcescover page of TK 1 meet your mighty organs family resources

To get families talking more about what really matters, please send this important booklet to all parents and guardians on the same day you introduce the Orgamites to your class (you can print it or email it to them).

Download Family Resources here


Object Lessons

snapshot of toolkit 1 object lessons

To help kids really appreciate their mighty organs (and remember why and how they work for the rest of time) we've created a series of fun and interactive object lessons (one for each of the mighty organs).

Download classroom Object Lessons


Additional Teacher Resources

cover page of TK 1 meet your mighty teacher resources

Case Studies, Classroom and Take Home Activities, Colouring Sheets and Classroom Posters and other teaching aids are available to further drive the message home. Choose any or all of them, print them out or upload them onto your whiteboard.

Download additional Teacher Resources here.

Download colouring sheets here

Visit for more classroom posters and activities



Mighty Pledge Certificate and Classroom PosterMighty pledge snapshot

This is our mighty manifesto. It’s a call to all to be kinder to ourselves, other people and the planet we all share. Consider making the ‘Mighty Pledge’ together, and even displaying it somewhere in your classroom.

Download the Mighty Pledge

Find even more classroom posters and activities to download for free at 



The speedy way—covering the entire lesson in one go with the help of our Lesson Presentation Notes and a few of our Additional Teacher Resources – or, The really sticky way—taking your time to really explore with your class the functions of each mighty organ. You may want to focus on one organ per day/lesson, and supplement the Lesson Presentation with our interactive (and very entertaining) object lessons.


Make time to talk: Talking about organ donation helps us to honour one another’s choices. No matter which pace you choose, be sure to allocate a little time to recap and reflect on what has been covered in the lesson. Let students share some of their own thoughts and impressions. When teaching about organ donation, focus on the positivity of ‘giving a gift’, and the difference a transplant can make to a recipient’s life. Try to keep the conversation light, positive and non-judgmental. Encourage students to chat about their choices at home, with their parents or guardians.

card with impact contact link



    Why the Orgamites? 

    As the only global organ donation awareness program of its kind, the Orgamites consists of an ever-growing range of educational tools — all aimed at breathing new life and lightness into all-important conversations.


    Click the links below to view and download the contents of the early version of the Canadian "Meet Your Mighty Organs" toolkit. 

    For Educators

    1. TK1 - Teacher Overview
    2. TK1 - Teacher Lesson Plan Presentation
    3. TK1 - Teacher Lesson Plan -  Notes
    4. TK1 - Teacher Resources 1-6 (classroom & take home)
    5. TK1 - Meet the Orgamites: Introduction Video

    For Parents & Guardians

    The Orgamites Programme is presented by All Good Co. which is a UK-based Community Interest Company. Current partners include: Live Life Give Life, Team Margot, Giving to Help Others, Onassis Foundation and Canadian Blood Services. Supported by NHS Blood and Transplant, Organ Donation Scotland and the European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT). Created by Roydon Turner. ©Copyright, Creative and Production by *Awesonova. All rights reserved. Discover more at or

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