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The Orgamites - It's What's Inside That Counts

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The Orgamites - It's what's inside that counts! 

The Orgamites are a lovable life-saving team helping kids (and their parents) to connect with and appreciate the roles of their organs, while learning what organ donation is all about. The educational resources live here in the Organs & Tissues for Life Education Portal. To access all of the Orgamites videos, lesson plans and more, use the buttons on the left side of this page and scroll down to read more...

orgamites characters in a line up


If you’re a teacher, you’re already a hero in our books. But did you know that your class is full of undercover superheroes? Hiding in plain sight, every one of your students possesses a set of incredible organs. These magnificent parts not only keep them alive and healthy – but could save other lives one day too. The problem is – hardly any kids know this. As the only organ donation education and awareness program of its kind, the Orgamites are here to change all that – breathing new life and lightness into organ donation education.

Whether you’re a school principal, educator or home-schooling parent — we’ve endeavoured to make this often-avoided topic as fun, life-giving and informative as possible... all so that kids and their families are empowered to have more conversations, make more informed choices, and express these choices to their loved ones and wider circle when they’re ready to.

Click the buttons below to go directly to each of our three Teacher Toolkit resources page:

Meet Your Mighty Organs (Ages 6-11)      Let’s Get Mighty Healthy (Ages 6-11)      The Mighty Kind Movement (Ages 8-14)

tookit spread

Turning the tide on the global organ donation crisis is as simple as 1,2,3. 

  1. It starts with education. Education that starts early and encompasses all of society. That’s why we have focused on toolkits that are accessible and adaptable to a range of ages and cultures around the world. It’s why we have created resources for the family as well as the classroom.
  2. It leads to transformation. Although self-standing, our toolkits sequentially build upon one another.
    1. The first ('Meet Your Mighty Organs') empowers students and their families to learn all about their vital and mighty organs, whilst being introduced to the concept of organ donation.
    2. The second ('Let's Get Mighty Healthy') offers the best information available on how to practically live a healthy life (at any age). Along the way, students also learn how the health of their organs affects their overall health, as well as what organ donation is all about.
    3. The third ('The Mighty Kind Movement') seeks to show people how powerful their small, individual choices can be—inspiring them to change the world through kindness. Far from being a lofty, sentimental idea devoid of practical touch points, we anchor the concept of kindness in actual activities that everyone can participate in–empowering anyone to take better care of themselves, their loved ones and the world at large.
  3. It reaches wider still. By doing all of this, and by initiating a global month of awareness (Orgtober), we hope to spark a growing movement of people from every generation and country that truly understand that, in the end, it’s what’s on the inside that truly counts. 

About the Orgamites Teacher Toolkits

These fun and free educational toolkits seek to empower children, and the grown-ups in their lives, with all they need to know to inspire more life-saving conversations. Every one of these toolkits has been specially designed for kids 6 to 11 years of age, and includes:

  • Entertaining and educational videos
  • Ready-to-go lesson plans and presentations  
  • Printable worksheets, class activities and take-home resources
  • Posters and fun activities for the whole family
  • Guides for teachers and parents help tackle courageous conversations about life and death and powerful impact of sharing and caring. 

Teacher Toolkit 1: Meet Your Mighty OrgansCover page for Orgamites toolkit 1

With age-appropriate facts, kids get to discover the most-needed and donated organs in our bodies.



Toolkit 1 includes:

  • A ready-to-go lesson plan and presentation (estimated lesson time: 1 hour).
  • Animated videos kids will love to watch, as well as informative, introductory videos 
  • Printable worksheets, class activities and take-home resources.

The lesson plan is centred around an engaging and easy-to-follow presentation, during which, children will learn:

  • The need-to-know facts about their organs in general 
  • What vital organs are (and why they’re so vital)
  • What the ‘mighty’ organs are (the most commonly transplanted organs)
  • What organ transplantation and donation is all about

The end goal:

  • To encourage more families to have all-important conversations about organ donation. How? By providing children with valuable information that sparks a new-found appreciation for their health and ‘mighty’ organs, sheds light on organ transplantation and donation, and empowers families to express their choices regarding donation to one another.

Click here to access Teacher Toolkit #1 

Teacher Toolkit 2: Let’s Get Mighty Healthycover image of Orgamites characters riding a bicycle to stay healthy

This toolkit seeks to empower kids to take care of their Mighty Organs and provides fun tips, challenges and rewards for improving their health too.


This Educational Toolkit has been created to encourage kids to look after their health by bringing the most important pillars of health to life. Along the way, kids will learn how the health of their organs affects their overall health, and they’ll also be made aware of the concepts of organ transplantation and donation.

This toolkit is centred around The Orgamites’ 5 Tips To Staying Mighty Healthy, which are:


Toolkit 2 includes:  

  •  Ready-to-go lesson plans and presentation 
  •  Animated video kids will love to watch
  •  A downloadable/printable ‘Let’s Get Mighty Healthy’ booklet.

The end goal:

  • To inspire and equip children and their families to form healthier habits that last a lifetime.
  • To increase awareness about our organs, and the roles they play in keeping us healthy.
  • To encourage children and parents to have some all-important conversations about organ donation with informative, conversation-starting tools 

Click here to access Teacher Toolkit #2

Teacher Toolkit 3: ‘The Mighty Kind Movement

image of all the orgamites together in space


This toolkit aims to inspire kids to not only take care of their own health, but to look out for others and the planet.

It has been created to help create and sustain a growing movement of people from around the world committed to taking better care of each other and the planet. Unlike previous toolkits, the content of this toolkit is best suited to children 8-14 years of age.

Toolkit 3 includes: 

  • Four ready-to-go lesson plans and presentations (estimated lesson time: 1 hour each).
  • Animated videos kids will love to watch
  • Printable worksheets, class activities and take-home resources

The lesson plan is centred around an engaging and easy-to-follow presentation, during which, children will learn:

  • How and why to take better care of our planet
  • How and why to reduce their waste.
  • How and why to recycle better (as well as how to read labels)
  • How and why to upcycle
  • How to take better care of others
  • The benefits of lifecycling and organ donation
  • Why kindness and compassion really matter

The end goal:

  • To encourage more families to have all-important conversations about organ donation. How? By providing children with valuable information that sparks a new-found appreciation for their planet, for others, and for the finite resources all around them – including their own bodies and organs.

Click here to access Teacher Toolkit #3

    Tips for Teachers

    snapshot of toolkit 1 impact card


    • The speedy way—covering the entire lesson in one go with the help of our Lesson Presentation Notes and a few of our Additional Teacher Resources – or, 
    • The really sticky way—taking your time to really explore with your class the functions of each mighty organ. You may want to focus on one organ per day/lesson, and supplement the Lesson Presentation with our interactive (and very entertaining) object lessons. 

    TOP TIP: Make time to talk

    Talking about organ donation helps us to honour one another’s choices. No matter which pace you choose, be sure to allocate a little time to recap and reflect on what has been covered in the lesson. Let students share some of their own thoughts and impressions. When teaching about organ donation, focus on the positivity of ‘giving a gift’, and the difference a transplant can make to a recipient’s life. Try to keep the conversation light, positive and non-judgmental. Encourage students to chat about their choices at home, with their parents or guardians.



    The Orgamites is a global programme for 6- to 11-year-olds. Orgamites uses educational and creative tools, toys and technology to empower grown-ups with everything they might need to teach children about their mighty organs (the most transplanted and donated organs), as well as how to live mighty healthy and be mighty kind. The Orgamites Programme is presented by All Good Co. which is a Community Interest Company. Current partners include: Live Life Give Life, Team Margot, Giving to Help Others, Onassis Foundation and Canadian Blood Services. Supported by NHS Blood and Transplant, Organ Donation Scotland and the European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT). Created by Roydon Turner. Discover more at or

    Orgamites® is an organ donation education and awareness programme created by Roydon Turner. Creative and production by All Good Co. (CIC) © Copyright 2023. All rights reserved.

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