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Researchers around the globe are interested in understanding the impact of education initiatives on young people and their awareness and approval of organ and tissue donation. A number of research publication are collected here to show value of organ donation education modules and curricula for various age levels. 

We believe that educating young people about organ donation is a key part of improving the organ and tissue donation and transplantation system in Canada and in other jurisdictions. Empowering young people to make informed decision about donation when the time comes is surely the type of learning that has the potential to make a difference. 

Content Links
Research Article: Engaging high school students about organ donation and transplantation: an evaluation of the High School Outreach Initiative (HSOI) program
Research article: Impact of the Educational Resource One Life … Many Gifts on Attitudes of Secondary School Students Towards Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation
Research Article: Education and organ donation: 'the unfinished symphony'.
Research Article: Adolescent classroom education on knowledge and attitudes about deceased organ donation: a systematic review.
Research Article: School education, a basis for positive attitudes toward organ donation.
Research Article: Education on organ donation and transplantation in primary school; teachers' support and the first results of a teaching module
Research Article: School education to increase organ donation and awareness of issues in transplantation in the UK